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Interested in offering our WYA Aerial Fitness Certification at your Aerial Studio or collaborating on a workshop? Use the contact us link for more info! 

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We are so honored that our owner, Erica, and the studio were featured in the September 2021 issue of aerial yoga magazine! We love that aerial fitness has become part of the larger conversation of health and Wellness … and fun! 

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If you have any of the Below health concerns please contact us. As many of them may limit your ability to participate safely. 

Heart problems
Very high or low blood pressure
Motion Sickness
Pregnancy beyond the first trimester
Recent stroke
Recent surgery of any kind
Botox within the last 4 hours
Osteoporosis or any form
of bone weakness
Carpal Tunnel raph

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Unfortunately, our indoor studio location is closing but check out our online membership and monthly events for opportunities to come!